Karl Von Senden

I like oldies music, fine restaurants, foreign travel, and a nice bottle of cabernet sauvignon.  I craft wine cellars during the day, and sip good wine at night.  My background as a frequent conversationalist, wine sommelier, scholar in the Masters of Wine Program, and head "mucky-de-muck" of a world renown wine society has led me to co-host Good Libations.  We hope to  teach you something new about wine, while preserving the traditions.   Join us each week to celebrate the wonderful world of wine.



Marcia Josephs

I am an artist--both in the kitchen and in my art studio.  Being a wine connoisseur myself, I love to cook, entertain, and host parties.  I appreciate the finer things in life like true friendships, fine art, pink peonies, heirloom china, fast cars, and late suppers in little French bistros with that certain someone.   Much of my life has been spent working in high tech companies where, in the best restaurants in the world,  I would wine and dine corporate executives in the course of the sales cycle. 


I will share my multi-cultural experiences with you laced with humor and good nature.  Together we will learn about and savor the world of wine.

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